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I have begun contributing articles to All Voices. As with my other articles on this site, I’ll put the date, title and the first paragraph on this page when they’re published. This page will be updated on a regular basis. To read the article just click on the title.



Whitman’s Fundraising Tour Offers Telling Glimpse of CA’s Future

Meg Whitman, who has poured millions — $59 million so far — into her ongoing quest to become California’s next Governor, has finished up her latest whirlwind round of fundraising tours surrounded by a revealing who’s who of corrupt GOP sponsors and a small group of protestors.



One Soldier’s Quest to Lift the Censor’s Veil of Shame on the Iraq War

Pictures of wounded, barely living children, a close-up of a soldier holding someone’s severed leg, pictures of soldiers happily posing with the bodies of dead Iraqis, photos showing a soldier leaning over a body bag with a spoon in his hand as though he’s about to scoop up a portion of the dead man’s flesh, all circulated like trophies or posted in command headquarters, viewed by some as acceptable — even admirable — behavior.



Military Routinely Diagnoses Soldiers with PD to Save Billions

Personality Disorder (PD) has been routinely, oftentimes falsely, used to discharge veterans injured during their tours of duty to keep the military from having to pay billions of dollars in medical costs.



More Than Half of U.S. Congress Place Loyalty to Israel Over U.S.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — the largest Israeli lobby in the U.S. — circulated a letter urging the White House to ‘reinforce’ its relationship with Israel after what some call a bitter public confrontation with Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister.


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